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“I had tried to get off Zoloft for years. No success at all until I found your program. The head symptoms were always too much. That term brain zaps describes them perfectly. I read your information on using omega 3 and went out and bought some immediately. It worked well enough that I did not have to go back up on the dosage. I know I took too many omega’s to get relief but I did not want to lose the ground again. Once I received the Omega 3 Supreme you recommended I only had to take 2 softgels a day the rest of my way off the taper. I can’t thank you enough for your help.”


“Your method of reducing Cymbalta has been a life saver. The supplements you recommend stopped all withdrawal this time. My husband is an engineer and was also impressed with how you laid your program out. It was exactly as you write on your website. Thank you Mr. Harper.”


“I got off Effexor! With Effexor being time release and only large reductions possible the withdrawal side effects were always too much for me and I went back to my starting dosage each time. I felt like I was doomed to be on Effexor forever. This time my withdrawal symptoms were very very mild. I felt like the start of the flu but each time to my surprise those symptoms went away within an hour and were real mild.”


“I used your method in 2000 to get off Celexa. Life has its ways and in 2017 my doctor wanted me to go on Effexor after my husband died. After 3 years on it I wanted to stop taking the drug. I tried once with my doctor’s recommendation and after the first reduction I knew it was not going to happen. The side effects were too much. I told my doctor about your method and he just said, “if it worked before why don’t you use it.” I won’t bore you with all of the details, you likely know how things went. I’m off Effexor, the withdrawal side effects were very mild and normally never happened when I reduced the dosage again. Congratulations on 20 years helping us…”


“I stated taking Klonopin in 2005 due to constant anxiety. I have tried going off the Klonopin several times without success. I could not take supplements but knew I needed some additional help. You suggested I use the CBD oil Harper Drops Supreme for a couple months first. I did not reduce the drug or take any other supplements, I only used the CBD. After 2 months I included the Neuro Day, JNK Formula Complete and the Neuro Night. All went well with these supplements and after using them about a week I started my taper. I had the Klonopin compounded to 2 percent reductions every 2 weeks. It went smooth. No side effects.

After 5 reductions like this I increased to a 5 percent reduction every 2 weeks. When I had 2 reductions left I switched back to only reducing by 2 percent. This worked perfectly for me. I stayed on the supplements for 45 more days after my last dosage of Klonopin and here I am, Klonopin FREE and feeling fantastic. No anxiety, even with all the Covid cases around me.”


“Prescribed Trazodone for insomnia and mild depression. I could make this long but I will keep it short. I am off Trazodone, sleeping well and zero depression. I used Neuro Day, Neuro Night, JNK Formula, Omega 3 Supreme, Optimum Solace and Harper Drops Supreme. Perfect Mr. Harper, all was perfect.”


“My psychiatrist wanted me off the Seroquel. When he told me this I was terrified. I had tried before and the withdrawal was horrific. I friend told me about your method and I showed it to my psychiatrist and he told me to use it. He was impressed with the Harper Drops Supreme. I am now off the Seroquel for 60 days and all is going great. The psychiatrist has me staying on Harper Drops Supreme for the rest of my life. No symptoms left at all. Thank you.”


“I began taking Xanax without a prescription while in college. I knew I needed to stop but I reached a point where the withdrawal was too much for me. I had to plan out my taper a little differently since I did not have a doctor and a prescription. I did not want to be out looking for Xanax all the time during my taper, so I accumulated enough of the Xanax before starting the taper. I had enough to be considered a drug dealer if I was caught with it. Following your method, I am now off the Xanax for 4 months and doing well. I still have the job I knew I was about to lose because of the Xanax. I can’t thank you enough.”


“I was taking Effexor and my doctor switched me to Prozac to taper off of instead of the Effexor. Big mistake. This took more time than my doctor and I expected but at least I am off the damn drugs now. It took a while to get rid of the Effexor withdrawal side effects because the Prozac did not mask them like my doctor thought they would. I wish I would have found you before switching to the Prozac. But…. I am now off the drugs now, back to a livable life again. What an experience…”


I have used Lexapro on and off over the last 10 years. I probably used it the first year nonstop and then I changed to only taking it when I felt I needed it due to stress. I never had a problem doing this until this year. About 2 days after I stopped taking the Lexapro I felt like I was coming down with the flu. This flu would not go away and I went to see my doctor. It took a week to figure out what was happening. The doctor had me go back on the Lexapro and within a couple hours the flu symptoms subsided.